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Unfortunately, my dummy pictures were taken under poor lighting condition, so do not do justice to the real product or its appearance. However, for comparison sake, I have put my dummy beside that of another supplier that supplies most of the dummies worldwide. Mine is the dark brown one, and the other is the red one. I have put them side-by-side, and shot pictures from different angles. All except for the one where my dummy is in the foreground, the perspective is accurate. The top view of the dummies really shows the difference between the two. My dummy, at first glance, appears exaggeratedly large; however, after careful inspection, you will notice that the size of the arms of the two are the same, which indicates that the two pictures are the same sizes and taken from the same perspective; therefore, my dummy is indeed much larger than the competitor's.
Be careful when viewing the picture of the two dummies from the corner view. Do not mistaken the back post of the competitor's dummy as part of its torso. At first glance you may think so, and think that the torso is large. Once you've separated the back post from the torso, you will see how thin the torso really is. Also note that my dummy is actually slightly farther away from the competitor's dummy and my camera, so renders it smaller in perspective. However, in spite of this position, my dummy still displays a larger presence than the competitor's. You can almost feel the weight and density of my dummy just by looking at the pictures.
And for your information, the competitor's dummy arrived in Sifu Nelson Chan's school (where the pictures of the dummies were taken) about two months before mine did. See the difference between the wear and tear?

To see view larger pictures (600x800 pixels), click the picture of your choice.

Full Close
Full-Length View of WCATS Dummy
Close View of WCATS Dummy (Competitor's in BG)
Top Top
Top View of WCATS Dummy
Top View of Competitor's Dummy
Side-by-Side Corner
Side-By-Side View of Two Dummies
Corner View of Two Dummies

PRICE: US$900 per complete unit, FOB Toronto, Canada.

A complete unit consist of one 9"x54" torso, three 11" arms, one leg, two 1"x2"x60" horizontal mounting bars, and two 2"x4"x84" vertical supporting bars.

The following discounts are available for larger orders:

10% discount for orders between 2 to 3.
15% discount for orders between 4 to 6.
20% discount for orders between 7 to 10.
The Discount is applicable to orders sent to one location. Price is FOB Toronto, Canada.

For inquiry or order, write to, or click Email Link

The characteristics of the Red Ebony are as follows:

Physical: Hardwood
Color: Red to walnut brown
Pattern: Even texture with interlocking grain

Working Property:
Machining: Very smooth finish possible
Fixing: Minimum movement and maintenance of form and shape due to low moisture
Finishing: Density and grain provide high quality finish

Technical Characteristics:
Air Dry Density:1,220 kg/m3
Shrinkage: About 2% radial and 3% tangential
Moisture Content: 9-12 %
Hardness (Seasoned): 16 kN

The following are wood densities comparisons:

Wood Type Ebony, Asian Ebony, African Teak, Asian Mahagony, African Larch Walnut Redwood Pine Cedar
Approx. lbs/cu.ft. 61 44 42 42 37 35 27 23 21

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